School Signage

School Signage

Having signs in and around a school is important for several reasons. To respond to the growing needs of learning institutions for marketing, advertising, and educational purpose, our team has developed designs that would best incorporate into your various needs.

Here at ALLPRIDE, we believe that if you are able to put up an attractive sign up on your school, people are more likely to see it and read it. Are you thinking of giving that extra boost to your school? Do you want to reach out to more students and/or parents? If you are anywhere in Newcastle and Sydney, then ALLPRIDE offers you affordable signage solutions.

For instruction

Of course, the basic function of any sign or signage in schools is to keep students informed. Whether it is for labelling a specific room or directing them towards a specific area, it is important that these signs remain noticeable for those who are intended to see it. Different things can make signs more visible, and so you have to consider several factors, such as:

  • Type of material
  • Size
  • Texture
  • Colour
  • Fonts

We take all of these into consideration when we create your signs for you. We then present several concepts so you would have a number of options to choose from.

For waking up school spirit

Nothing says school spirit like a sign hanging on the wall saying for all the school to see. Attractive signage shows the students that they can be proud of their school’s culture and heritage. It also shows visitors what kind of energy the school has. Bland and boring signs and designs can take their toll on the school’s overall character. That is why knowing what colours and shades you can use to pump up people’s adrenaline can make a significant impact on the school’s pride.

Want a more fun and efficient school atmosphere?

Our friendly representatives are waiting for you to start the process of transforming your school from average to extraordinary. Call (02) 4942 3099 at your earliest convenience to discuss your needs with us. If you have a big project coming up and are located in QLD, SA, Victoria, or elsewhere in NSW, our team can go and visit you wherever you are located.