Neon LED Strip Lighting

Neon LED Strip Lighting

Add a touch of colour and vibrancy to your business at night with Neon/LED Strip Lighting. If you live Newcastle and Sydney and surrounding areas, then AllPride Signs & Marketing is the company for you.

Here at AllPride Signs & Marketing, we provide our clients with only the highest quality materials and products for their signage needs. We know that accent lighting is expensive and this is why we are giving you the option of choosing to light up your business using Neon/LED Strip Lighting.

LED Strip Signage/Neon Signage here at AllPride Signs & Marketing

Neon/LED Strip Lighting is a favourite cheap alternative to glass neon fixtures. It provides the same effect at less power usage cost. Here at AllPride Signs & Marketing, we can achieve any look you’re aiming for with our flexible, customisable Neon/LED Strip Lights. You can ask our staff to customise your strip lighting to suit your business needs or home decorating projects.

Our LED Strip Signage and Neon Signage are ideal for exterior lighting for business displays, art exhibits, automotive lighting, clubs and bars, and general signs and advertisements. You can also use them in lighting up your indoor home projects. Our Neon signage comes in a variety of bright colours, and these colours can freely change in your sign because of our colour programming technology. You can also customise the brightness and impact resistance of AllPride Signs & Marketing strip lighting. We also offer waterproof LED strip signage that you can install outdoors without having to worry about it getting damaged.

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