We are specialists in Club & Hotel industry signage. We provide all signage solutions from compliance signage auditing and customised edgelit signage.

About us

Allpride Signs and Marketing specialise in club industry signage and printing. As this industry has been our major focus for almost 20 years, we pride ourselves in forwarding new marketing ideas to the club industry and have a unique product in our Edgelit signage.

Allpride’s sales team specialise in compliance signage and are up to speed with the latest in legislation for liquor and gaming in which we reformat to eliminate the compliance posters around your premises .

Electronic LED changeable message boards have become a large part of our business in the past 5 years in which we now incorporate into our pylon signs and has become very popular in the club industry as a marketing tool.

We have put together a mobile showroom so we can take our products direct to the customer for onsite viewing which has been very well received. If in the future you wish to view our showroom, it would be a pleasure to show you through and discuss the products and services that our company offers.


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